Quality Policy

quality of design and execution

Our AIM is to be preferred supplier of electrical equipment with high standard for the industry, which shows the highest level of quality of design and execution, at costs acceptable by customer.

The TASK of the company is to make our products meet their intended functions in the course of assumed useful life, that our products are safe and operate satisfactorily with proper maintenance. High quality of our products is a guarantee of the future of the company and its employees. Each delivery is a recommendation for future orders..

REALIZATION of quality policy is followed by:

  • taking actions to integrate and commitment all employees around quality and use their abilities;
  • consistent and responsible implementation and maintenance of the quality system;
  • dostarczenie providing a resources and the creation of conditions to ensure the quality and reliability of products which our customers consider for unattainable by our competitors.

Jelenia Góra, 2004 year.

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