For mining industry

Proven solutions in electroenergetics and mining automation


Transformer stations, switchgears type RKS, capacitor banks


INSTAL-SERVICE has been in operation since 1992, after a change of legal structure in 2012 works as Instal-Service PL Limited Company Limited Partnership Currently. The company employs 55 experienced and skilled workers, which in combination with MODERN technical facilities and knowledge employed specialists guarantees high quality of manufactured products. The offer is intended for surface and underground mining, energy, construction industry and other industries.

automation and visualization

The subject of activity is design, the production of supply and control equipment, control systems, automation and visualization and activation of the equipment in user’s facilities. The scope of the offer includes comprehensive services for industry and energy with devotedly turnkey facilities. The flexibility and functionality of the offered solutions allows them to deploy in enterprises with any size and profile of the business.



With the implementation of tasks by the company in the field of manufacturing equipment, control systems, automation and visualization in underground and surface mines, company’s range of products and services, proposes to investors a comprehensive implementation of assigned tasks from design, production, completion, training and service.
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