Transformer station ST-T2/N4U

The transformer station type ST-T2/N4U is a device designed for use in underground mining in excavations with no explosion hazard or in conditions with no methane explosion hazard and designated as class A coal dust explosion hazard. The transformer station ST-T2/N4U is equipped with a power protections against short-circuits, overloads and lowered insulation resistance with installed transformer: 100kVA and 250kVA or 400 kVA or 630 kVA and rated upper voltage of 3 kV (only for transformer of 400kV power) or 6 kV or 10 kV or (10-6) kV (switchable transformer) and lower rated voltage 525V AC. Electrical equipment of a transformer station at the upper rated voltage of 10kV and (10-6) kV is matched to 10 kV rated voltage.

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